Siri Hildonen

profile-siriTeams: Team PTz (Zwift),
FusionTHINK Voss (US),
Hasle-Loren IL (NOR)
Nationality: Norwegiannorway
Hometown: Oslo
Age: 45 (1971)
Height: 1,60 m
Weight: 53 kg

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Disciplines: Road, TT, Criteriums, CX and MTB
Instagram name: Velosiri

I was not an athlete as a youth other than riding horses and loving to be outside. Merely 16 years old I decided to become a jockey, training thoroughbreds for almost 2 years (that is hard work!) before I decided to go back to school. However, I have always nordic skied but not until my early 30s I took interest in training and racing a few touring races as I am a competitive person.

I did my first mountain bike race in 2003 after getting a mtb bike and training a few months

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. After two kids and still eager to race (racing was what I did not training a lot for the races…)

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. I continued racing a few mtb races after moving to US in 2006. In late 2008 I got my first road bike. I got a heavy steel bike which I decided to race criteriums on (the majority of races are crits in New England). I met some great New England girls and guys that I rode and raced with and even if the first crit race did not go well I was determined to do more races. I did better and I loved the fast paced and short criteriums. Perfect to combine with being a mom. In 2009, I surprised myself becoming the Connecticut Criterium State Champion in cat 4 women on my steel bike (!) after a field sprint. That is when my road racing career started, now on a carbon bike but still not that eager to do any training program wintertime. The last 3 years I have put in some more effort trainingwise during off-season and this winter I will be really serious (keep saying that each winter)

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. The crits are addictive and I i did 14 critraces during a few months before moving back to Norway July 2011. The coolest Criterium races I did was racing against the pros in NYC in the Harlem Skyscraper Crit in 2010 (heavy rainfall made 25 of 50 women crash out. I was among them) and 2011. In Norway I have ben racing both with the masters women and some races with the elite women. Mostly road races and time trials, but I have found new love in cyclocrossing. Just as fun and addictive as criteriums.

I started Zwifting in 2014, a few sessions. Then last winter I signed up and did a lot of workouts, and a few races on Zwift during winter. Loved it! In July I signed up for Zwift Academy and was one of 110 that made it thorugh the 27 workouts and 9 group rides within the time limit. The program was tough and the FTP increased.

My goal for 2017 is to race more on Zwift as a member of Team PTz and then probably IRL race aganist both the elite and master women. I hope to qualify again for the Amateur World Master Championship in 2017.

Race Results
I have probably raced 70-80 IRL races since 2009), most criteriums, road and TT, but some MTB and CX races as well

-Connecticut Criterium State Champion Women Cat 4

-11th in Tour de Battenkill Women Cat 4 (after been taken down 10 km into the race and raced furiously 90 km with a broken rib)
-Connecticut Criterium State Champion Women Cat 4
-Gold Road race Northern Norwegian Championship
-Gold Criterium Northern Norwegian Championship

-Connecticut Criterium State Champion Women Cat 3
-Connecticut Criterium State Champion Masters Women
-6th Harlem Skyscraper Criterium Women Pro-Cat1-3

-Many QOMs on Strava, not racing a lot 🙂

-Bronze Road Race Norwegian National Championship Masters W40-44
-Several 1st placings in masters national cup road and TT races, overall winner Norwegian national master cup W40-44

-1st Copenhagen Gran Fondo W40-44
-Gold TT Norwegian National Championship Master W40-44
-Silver Road race Norwegian National Championship Master W40-44
-4th Amateur World Championship W40-44 (1 second from bronze…)
-Several 1st placings in masters national cup  road and TT races, overall winner Norwegian national master cup W40-44

-3rd Copenhagen Gran Fondo W40-44
-Silver TT Norwegian National Championship Master W40-44
-Gold Cyclocross National Champion W40-49 (sole contender..)
-Several 1st placings in Norwegian masters national cup road and TT races

-14th 1st race in the Norwegian National Cup Elite Women
-3rd Overall Women Enebakk Rundt 80 km
-1st Cipollini Show Race overall women
-1st Furusjoen Rundt MTB Marathon W45
-1st Sjusjorittet MTB Marathon W45
-ZA Academy graduate
-Silver Zwift Virtual World Championship

Thank you for including me Team PTz. I am looking forward to race with you!

It never gets easier, you just go faster! -Greg LeMond