Pedro Mendes

Nationality: Portuguesa
Hometown: Corroios
Born / age: 44
Height: 1.75
Weight: 78
Occupation: IT Manager

Race/cycling diciplines:
Road / MTB

Background :
Your racing/cycling background

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. Why you started/love cycling and so on.
Started MTB with friends 4 years ago do it for fun and healthy reason, before that i used to play Handball, member of a 1st division team
Your goals
To have jun and joy ? im know im not going to be a Professional Cyclist or MTbiker



Always Radon Bikes ?

The trainer/powermeter/gear you use to ride on Zwift
Elite qubo digital smart b+

Besides riding my both bikes, spend quality time with my two kids and wife, stay at my country house @ Odeceixe.

It never gets easier, you just go faster! -Greg LeMond