Inge Jansen

profile-ingeTeam: Team PTz (Zwift)
CS030-Utrecht, Netherlands
Nationality: Dutchnetherlands
Hometown: Utrecht
Age: 27 years (1989)

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No major results (yet), but I do have a QOM in Porto, Portugal! See: (makes me believe I was predestined to join this team 😉 )

Race disciplines:
Road racing.

I’m from the Netherlands, so I (almost) always use the bike to get to school/work/etc

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. However, it took me until last year to finally start racing on a road bike. I joined Zwift about 7 months ago. Last summer, I participated in Zwift Academy, which turned out to be the perfect preparation for the race season on Zwift. I’m looking forward to race for team PTz!

It never gets easier, you just go faster! -Greg LeMond