Braulio Afonso

profile-bj-afonso3B.Afonso (Zwift)
BJ Afonso (FaceBook)
Teams: Team PTz (Zwift),
Bikezone Coimbra
Nationality: Portugueseportugal
Hometown: Mortagua
Born: 1976
Height: 1,87m
Weight: 90kg

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No major results 🙂 my best was a 8th Place in a MTB 40K event , that was very bad sinalized and dont know how ,me and 2 friends did a 15km shortcut 🙂 i never been in the Place off event 🙂 🙂 it was 10years ago 🙂

Race disciplines:
Mountain bike XCM, 24hours events and stage events. Mostly for fun and enjoying friendship. Road Bike Training.


Im a ex-Rugby player, played from 1993 in University till January 2003 in Portuguese Cup, when get injured in game doing a try for my team.

profile-bj-afonso3 years of total zero in to sports activities.
Jumped from 93kg to 116kg

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It was time to do some thing. Started to do Bike to burn calories and lose some weight.

Thats my motivation , to lose some kg, and have some better Fitness scores 🙂

Just enjoy friendship and riding , not to in scores in MTB yet , maybe next years when reach 40 years and be in Master B class (40-50y)

Scores , in this days , only in zwift.

It never gets easier, you just go faster! -Greg LeMond