Zwift keyboard shortcuts

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Numeric Keys – Camera View:
1: Standard view (Default)
2: Third person view
3: First person view
4: Beside the rider
5: Rear view
6: Reverse angle
7: Spectator view
8: TV Chopper view
9: Birds eye view
0: Panoramic view of current view)

Function Keys:
Esc: Return to Menu
F1: Elbow Flick
F2: Wave
F3: “Ride On!”
F4: “Hammer Time!”
F5: “Nice!”
F6: “Bring It!”
F7: “l’m toast”
F8: Bell Ring!
F1O: Screen Shot

App Keys:
A: Equipment Pairing Screen
E: Workout Mode
T: Rider Customisation screen
M: Group Message
P: Promo Code Entry
U: Toggle units

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Spacebar: Use Power Up
UP Arrow: Go straight ahead
DOWN Arrow: “U” Turn if available
LEFT?Arrow: Turn left
RIGHT?Arrow: Turn right